John John Florence stars in the new video for "Brown Room" by Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake.

5 New Songs I Love By … Swami John Reis and The Blind Shake, Iceage, Watter, Hanni El Khatib, Belle And Sebastian

Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake “Brown Room” Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake “Brown Room” from Bryan Johnson on Vimeo. Iceage...

Fractured Air 27: When It’s Over (A Mixtape by Doug McCombs)

Doug McCombs is a total musical bad ass. He’s one of the founding members of the legendary post-rock collective Tortoise (one of my all...
Mitch Abshire, AKA Captain Fin.

Cool Companies Episode 1: Captain Fin

Cote’s Cube Presents: Cool Companies! Hell yeah! Created, hosted, shot, and edited by Chris Cote, this no-budget self-produced show will take you inside some...
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Unearthed short film “Paradise Nebraska” starring, me

“Paradise, Nebraska” is a visual, visceral story of daydreams and desires which ultimately concludes that reality is what we make of it.”—Jason Mathew Moore,...
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Binge Watch All The Latest And Greatest Cote’s Cubes!

Cote’s Cube With Luke Davis Chris Cote and Luke Davis sit down to talk all things including wild hair styles, tube rides, new surf...
HighpFive with T Knox.

Cote’s Cube With Taylor Knox

Taylor Knox is having ten times more fun post-World Tour. Coming off back to back epic trips, and now releasing a surf-centric work out...
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A Skate Video From Uranis … Beez 3: Unusual Protocol

One of my favorite skate videos of all time. Beez 3: Unusual Protocol
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Cote’s Cube With Kalani Robb 4/14

Kalani Robb is awesome. The artist formerly known as K-Rock came down to Cube-town to have a shred and discuss crucial issues like selfies,...
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Cote’s Cube: Tour Talk With Damien Hobgood and Steve Sherman

Here’s another “Tour Talk” edition of Cote’s Cube in which we (me, Damien Hobgood, and Steve Sherman) discuss the second stop on the ASP...
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Three Brand New Must See Music Videos! Avey Tare, War On Drugs, & Holograms

Avey Tare is a member of Animal Collective, and I might add that he’s one of the weirder members, which is a good thing....