5 Albums You Need To Hear Now!



You’re Nothing

This young Copenhagen foursome plays a new brand of raw, rough, and reckless punk rock that sounds like a mixture of amazing influence including the post-punk Washington DC sound, the anarchic gnashing of this era’s West Coast indie punk bands, along with a goth overtone that certainly adds darkness and angst to the ruckus. So far, this is one of my favorite albums of the year. The sheer power and urgency in every song along with the singer’s heavily accented drawl come across perfectly with the slightly lo-fi and ­that you knew about them first.

For fans of: Liars, Rites Of Spring, No Age, The Libertines.


Toro Y Moi

Anything In Return

Chillwave is how this band was first described as, but the band’s latter recordings have moved in to more sex than chill. Toro Y Moi’s new album, How’s It Wrong adds a lot of sexuality to the mix, and I like it. This new disc feels like Chazwick Bundick has lightened up and pushed his musical genius toward making a fun and wonderful poop record that’s more danceable, sexable, and accessible than anything he’s released in the past. I love the old, “chillwave” vibe of Toro Y Moi, but this new sound has got my ass shaking and my pelvis quaking—a must listen, in bed or out.

For fans of: Washed Out, Twin Shadow, Ariel Pink, Har Mar Superstar.


Palma Violets


Every once in a while a band from the UK gets a huge groundswell of hype leading up to a debut disc. Palma Violets are getting that hype now, and I can say with the first few listens, the band’s first effort lives up to the buzz. Palma Violets are set for success—signed to Rough Trade Records, the band’s first single, “Best Of Friends” was named NME’s best song of 2012, and they absolutely killed it on Late Night With Jools Holland a few months ago. Palma Violets play loose, fun, English rock somewhere in the vein of a lightened version of The Libertines slanted toward more fun and less aggression. In short, P.V. plays good party music for blokes, every song has great sing-along lyrics, good vibes, and they’ll no doubt be killing it on the festival circuit all spring and summer.

For fans of: The Libertines, Django Django, Black Lips

Trop Pop

Tropical Popsicle

Dawn Of Delight

After a string of fantastic 7-inches and EP’s, San Diego’s, Tropical Popsicle is on the verge of some very big things. Dawn Of Delight is an album packed with songs that seamlessly mix darkwave-synth sounds with poppy, jangly classic California pop rock—utterly enjoyable and totally addictive. Tropical Popsicle has found a way to make music that is fitting for a sunny afternoon on the beach, as well as a late night in a smoke filled back bedroom—black light posters glowing in their full brilliance. Turn on Tropical Popsicle and tune out the world—excellent vibes, brilliant debut album.

For Fans Of: The War On Drugs, Bleached, The Black Angels



In Guards We Trust

In Guards We Trust starts strong with the epically layered “1 & 1” that sounds like the perfect song to end an episode of the HBO show, Girls—and that is being said with the highest compliments to both the band and the show. I love this record on the strength of this first song alone. With a sound that’s lush, dreamy, upbeat, uplifting, and overall amazing, it’s no doubt that Guards is so damn hot right now. This album will be your spring soundtrack, you’ll listen to it too much, put it away for a while, then bust it back out for the beginning of summer and play it all the way through, it’s that good.

For Fans Of: Deerhunter, Cults, Surfer Blood