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Wednesday Wants!


Summer Hat Collection

I have a lot of hats. I need to wear hats a lot because I’m outside a lot and my skin is about as close to you can get to being ginger without actually being ginger. My friends at Raen have just made my near-ginger skin a bit happier with the release of a limited edition summer hat collection with three styles including the Aloha (Hawaiian print), Nomad (black with an Indian Blanket style front), and Kaleidoscope (all over dark tan with a colorful underbill –is underbill a word?). Obviously, you know I’m gona run with the Aloha hat, but I think I’m gonna have to go ahead a celebrate the whole collection; three hats are better than one.

Catch Surf
4’6 Super One

A week or so ago, my old friend Kalani Robb came down and surfed with me at my local beachy. He brought out a Super One and after watching him rip the living shit out of it, I immediately called the homies at Catch Surf and begged for the chance to try one for myself. I got one just in time for the long 4th Of July week and it made that week awesome! I rode the board a bunch of times with and without fins and it was fun as hell every time. I like to switch back and forth from finless to finned, so the FCS setup is easy and I can quickly transform from pretending I’m Kalani Robb to imagining I’m Chippa Wilson and do shuvits and big spins all over the damn place. Bottom line, the Super One is probably me new favorite beach toy, it makes me happy, and that’s what beach toys should do. Go get one, you’ll thank me for the recommendation.


Brothers Marshall
Off My Wave

The Brothers Marshall are rad, and when I say that, I mean both the company and the actual brothers themselves. Out of the blue I got a little box of some of their latest and greatest summer shit and it’s awesome. I got a purple “Off My Wave Kook” shirt and while I’m the one who is usually getting called the kook, now I can officially wave at people and kindly request through the verbage on my shirt to “please get the fuck off my wave, kook”. It would be funny if there was a question mark at the end of the shirt, like, “Off My Wave, Kook?” or if “wave” was in italics like you’re saying, “Off my wave, kook” (am I really even on a wave?). Anyway, I celebrate the fun fashion created by The Brothers Marshall and I look at their blog nearly every day. One of these days I might actually make my way up to Malibu to tell one of them in person, to please get off my wave kook, even though it’s their wave.