Mark Gonzales: The Greatest Skateboarder Ever

In my eyes, Mark Gonzales is and always will be the greatest skateboarder ever. As the old saying goes, “The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun”, well, change “surfer” to skateboarder and “water” to cement and that saying applies to Gonz. His creativity, passion, and pure joyous love for skateboarding is infectious. Every time is see a Gonz clip from the past or present, I want to skate, it’s as simple as that.

“He’s just not like anyone else.”—Skin Phillips

Mark Gonzales has been a member of the adidas Skateboarding family inspiring, developing and nurturing the skateboarding program for 15 years. It is with great honor that we celebrate Gonz, not only for these past 15 years of adventure, but for having such an impact on our lives and making skateboarding what it is today.

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“The new adidas movie which highlights special ‘Gonz’ moments over the past 15 years, also includes insights from some of the people who have spent many an hour with Mark touring the globe or just hanging out in local spots. These fortunate few are the featured photographers from the exhibition; Skin Phillips, Gabe Morford, Brian Gaberman, Joe Brook, Benjamin Deberdt and Sem Rubio as well as renowned videographers Torsten Frank, Eric Noren and Dan Wolfe.”—TransWorld