Wendesday Wants 7/17

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Wednesday Wants

Whitman Jeans


I need a few things in a pair of jeans. I need them to be slim (and slimming), a bit stretchy (so I can dance in them), and I need them to make me attractive to both men and women. The new Whitman Jeans by UNIV accomplish all these things and more. I actually wore them to a wedding just last weekend and I looked amazing. My ass looked firm and tight, my legs looked long, my bulge looked just perfect. When I hit the dancefloor, I used every bit of the stretch added to the denim—high kicks, splits, sexy lunges, and jumping jacks were no problem in these jeans. If you want the confidence that these jeans give me, get a pair for yourself—I can only warn you, when you slide your hips in to these things, the only thing that will follow is pure sex, be prepared. Oh yeah, they’re made in California for some added radness.

Liberty Era

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 10.50.57 AM
Vans rule. Steve Van Doren himself came down to TransWorld a week ago and BBQ’d for the staff in the parking lot—how rad is that! Anyway, Vans makes a million different designs and collaborations every season, so many in fact that it can be hard to choose from such a vast array of fantastic footwear. I went to the Vans sit this morning and found these sweet ass kicks, the Vans Liberty Era. “Since 1875, Liberty has been dedicated to pushing the envelope of the material print aesthetic from London to fashion hubs across the world. Vans and Liberty Art Fabrics have collaborated on a collection capsule showcasing Vans manufacturing and Liberty art fabrics. The Liberty Era has a low profile construction with canvas uppers, a padded collar, and vulcanized Waffle Outsole.” That’s what it says next to the photo of the shoe, it should just say, “The shoes fucking shred and you should buy them now.”

Hayden Shapes
Hypto Krypto FutureFlex
5’4 X 19 1/2 X 2 1/4



These boards are literally flying off racks at surf shops and landing underneath the waiting feet of many surfers, and when the new Craig Anderson movie comes out—good luck ever getting one of these boards, they’ll be the hottest surfboard on the planet. I had a 5’4 Hypto Krypto for a few days last year and it was hella sick. Felt like a little round rocket under me. I only rode it a few times, but man, those were good times. I just ordered one and hopefully my order goes through before every grom in the world orders one, and I know they will. I love to surf, I love to go fast on surfboards, and I have a burning desire to collect the greatest quiver known to mankind—this board will be part of it! Dane Reynolds will probably be calling me any minute to ask if he can come film me.

Check out Ando on his Hypto Krypto in “Slow Dance”.