New Music Mondays 2/23/15

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Ex-Cult “Clinical Study”

There’s a lot of buzz around this Memphis post-punk band called, Ex-Cult, and it’s totally warranted, they rip. I’m a massive fan of Eagulls and Iceage, and this band gives me the same kind of caustic sonic experience that those two band’s do—and that’s a high compliment to Ex-Cult, because man, I listen to the shit out of Eagulls and Iceage. Anyway, Ex-Cult just released a new EP titled, Cigarette Machine, on Castle Face Records and I highly recommend acquiring it now, NOW, I SAID!

Win Win “Couch Paranoia” and “Waster”

I’ve never been able to quite place Win Win. I know that I can always count on them to put out some trippy ass acid-influenced indie-dream-pop with every new album drop, and the band’s latest is proof of that. Win Win’s new single, “Couch Paranoia b/w Waster” is a mind trip with warbled vocals that stream in and out of an undulating sonic landscape. Fans of latter MGMT and Animal Collective will be digging this weird awesomeness.

Joanna Gruesome “Last Year”

Whoa, this kinda caught me off guard. Somehow, this gal and her band mix the more thrashy side of Kim Gordon’s Sonic Youth songs with the power-drive of Dinosaur Jr., along with some added in pop jangle—but wait there’s more. The singing switches from pleasant vocal harmony to edgy wail of Savages and back throughout each song. I gotta listen to this band more, but for now, let’s just say these Brits had my ass shaking and head nodding at 7:30 a.m. today, and that’s pre-coffee, so you know it must be good.

Carl Barat And The Jackals “A Storm Is Coming”

Most of us know Carl Barat as part of the incredibly dysfunctional, yet supremely awesome band, The Libertines, where he shared musical duties and many a drug fueled escapade with Pete Doherty. Well, Carl has long since moved on and while his new band, Carl Barat And The Jackals, lacks the frenzied rasp, howl, and rawness of The Libertines, the music is sharp, rocking, and still has a spark of danger. The band’s latest, Let It Reign is out now and it’s well worth a run through your stereo.

Tunnel Vision “SC Dub”

The dudes in Tunnel Vision are San Clemente surf/skate homies playing a mix of punk, Reggae, and ska with a definitive Southern California style and edge—think Sublime meets Authority Zero. I’m not the biggest ska/punk fan, but I’ve seen these guys play a bunch of times and I must say they’re changing my mind, maybe I DO like punk/ska/reggae, I know I like Tunnel Vision, and you will too. They have a ton of new music up at and will be playing the Belly Up for the Caravan To Cabo/Waves4Water benefit show Tuesday, Feb. 24