New Music Mondays 2/16/15

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The Amazing “Picture You”

The Amazing.

The Amazing.

The Amazing is a Swedish supergroup that spawned from the ashes of Dungen, another great band of Swedes. I LOVE this band’s sound, sounds to me like Mogwai meets Fleet Foxes with a hint of Real Estate. Here’s how the band describe themselves: “The Amazing inhabits an aural landscape that’s all its own: a panoramic, constantly evolving spectacle marked by layers of intertwining guitars, richly textured keyboards and a rhythm section adept at skewed tempos and a tendency to veer off in unexpected directions.

Wand “Self Hypnosis In 3 Days”

With epic layers of sonic madness meeting, laser sharp stop-start psych-punk rhythms, Wand sounds like the bastard love child of Sonic Youth and the Melvins on some good acid.

Hundred Waters “Innocent”

Hundred Waters’ new record is a lush, beautiful, bed of sound that will wash your ears with loving tenderness while rubbing psycho-trpical ointments on to your lobe. Imagine if Adele fronted a mellowed-out version of Gorrilaz—I know, sounds interesting right?

Total Babes “Circling”

Total Babes

Total Babes

Good punk rock from Wichita featuring members of Cloud Nothings—I like this shit A LOT—spaced out punk rock for people who like indie-rock. “The album features lush synthesizers from Emeralds/Outer Space member and Spectrum Spools head John Elliott, bass from Nathan Ward of Smooth Brain and Cruelster and saxophone from Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi on “Circling.”