New Music Mondays 3/9/15

New Music Mondays 3/9/15

Don’t be a soggy biscuit, start your Monday with some fresh and tasty new music!

Twin Peaks “Making Breakfast”

It’s hard to figure out why I like this band so much, but after listening to this track, “Making Breakfast”, I realized I like them because they’re just very likeable. Twin Peaks have an awesome sound that’s got a good mix of Velvet Underground, a little bit of Foxygen, some Parquet Courts, “Exile” Era Rolling Stones, and just the right amount of “I don’t give a shit” attitude in the music. Twin Peaks is headed out for a huge summer festival tour, so I’d venture to say by the end of summer, this band will be a household name, that is, if your household likes good music.

Jacco Gardner “Find Yourself”

Are you familiar with Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner? Me either, but I am now, and I like what I’m hearing a lot. Jacco Gardner has a new record coming out on Polyvinyl records, and generally anything that Polyvinyl releases is going to be good, and the upcoming Jacco’s new one, Hypnophobia (out 5/5/15) is yet another shining example of that. Fans of Ariel Pink and Foxygen will really be digging Jacco Gardner, for me, it was love at first listen. The whole album has a similar vibe to this track, “Find Yourself”, so sit back, crank it up, and mellow out with Jacco Gardner.

Kuroma “Simon’s In The Jungle”

Kuroma is an indie-pop psychedelic-bop outfit Headed by Hank Sullivant, who is the former frontman of The Whigs and current touring guitarist with MGMT. I’m calling it right now and saying that Kuruma will be a major part of the soundtrack to your 2015 summer. The band’s first full-band release, Kuromarama, out April 7 is chock full of summertime jams that will have you bopping at the beach and pumping in the sheets (sun and sex people—summer of love 2015). On the album Sullivant will be joined by MGMT’s James Richardson and Will Berman and Simon O’Connor of Amazing Baby, so Kuruma is basically and indie-psych supergroup, they’re awesome.

Miami Horror “Love Like Mine”

To quote the band’s press release: “Miami Horror’s producer Ben Plant cites “weirdness and sunshine” as two things the band loves, and that combination also aptly describes their sound.” I agree. Miami Horror is an Australian dance outfit that is part Prince part Soft Cell and all awesome. I love the sound of this new track titled, “Love Like Mine”. As a DJ who loves to do afternoon dance parties, this is the perfect song to get people out of the pool and on to the dance floor. Watching people dance in bathing suits is super awkward, with the wiggly bits in full view and total jiggle—I love it. Put this track on, crank it up, close your eyes, and image a deck full of near-naked party people dancing, looks good right? Now make it happen in real life! Oh, and don’t forget to invite me.

White Prism “Shake You Off”

White Prism is Johanna Cranitch, an Australian-born and NYC-based artist. Her debut album, Open Heart Job, will be released on April 7, Upon first listen, White Prism sounds like the love child of Kate Bush and Empire Of The Sun. Oh yeah, another Australian band/singer on Cote’s Cube New Music Mondays! Aussie’s have been on the forefront of this type of Electro-pop-indie-dance rock thing and White Prism is yet another fine example of Australian’s doing dance music right—it’s serious, it’s danceable, it’s just wonderful.